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Does Red Bull increase your productivity?

Are you looking for a way to increase your productivity? Do you wonder if drinking Red Bull is the way to solve your problems? Red Bull might not be healthy, but it sure feels good to drink one while working, at least from our experience. In this article we will discuss whether the famous energy drink increases your producivity and focus or not.

The effect of Red Bull

In a study made by Chris Alford at the University of the West of England named “The Effects of Red Bull Energy Drink on Human Performance and Mood” published on February 2001 at ResarchGate, 36 volunteers were examined. The results showed that people who got to drink Red Bull improved aerobic endurance, anaerobic endurance and most importantly, significant improvements in concentration, reaction time and memory. This is likely a result of the taurine, glucuronolactone, caffeine, and other ingredients in the drink.

On the 14th of February 2017, Eric W. Dolan published his article: “Study: Red Bull energy drink boosts memory performance” on PsyPost. He claims that a study of 24 volenteers found Red Bull to have positive effects opon memory performance. Specifically it discovered increased accuracy and speed of the working and episodic memory 30 minutes after consumtion of the energy drink. Interestingly enough, the sugar-free version was not found to have the same positive effects.


Multiple studies have shown that Red Bull does in fact increase your concentration, reaction time and especially memory. It also seems like drinking the classic drink instead of the sugar-free version is the best choice to get the most out of it.