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How to start selling chatbots

One way to start making money is to sell chatbots. You might be thinking: “What even is a chatbot? I don’t have any programming knowledge, how could I possibly start selling chatbots?” We are glad to tell you it is a lot easier than you think!

Step 1. Take a free course

Before you can start selling chatbots you will have to learn how to make them. Fortunately for you, IBM offers a free course in chatbot building called “Building AI Powered Chatbots Without Programming” on both edX and Coursera. You can also choose to pay for a certificate to get proof of your newly learned skills, but that is not required for this strategy of making money. The course should not take you more than a day to complete and after that you are ready to start building chatbots! Your skills should be enough to make simple chatbots and after some practice you should be able to create fantastic chatbots that are better than most you would find out on the web.

edX course: “AI Chatbots without Programming”
Coursera course: “Building AI Powered Chatbots Without Programming”

Step 2. Set up a website

Now that you know how to make chatbots you will need a platform to sell them on. By creating a website you can easily showcase the power of your chatbots by including one on your own site! Let your customers try out your chatbot and if they like what they are seeing, have them message you to discuss the details. You should be charging a monthly price as you will be using the IBM Watson service which also is a monthly subscription. The monthly price should also pay for your salary as you will be working on and updating the chatbot every month to include new information added to your client’s website. Perhaps you should also have an increased start-up fee since the most work will be done in the very beginning.


Step 3. Make money

After you get your first customer you officially have a job and can make a living out of selling chatbots! Do a test to see how many chatbots one person can handle managing, maybe it is one, two, three or even more! Whenever you have too many orders you should also be making enough money to hire someone else to work for you. Now your chatbot building is starting to become a real company! Keep expanding with more employees as you get more orders and soon you will be leading the market for the chatbot industry!