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How to study for longer periods of time

If you are a student or an employee you most likely spend a lot of time studying or working. And as we all know, if it isn’t your favorite subject you are working on it can be near impossible to focus for longer periods of time. But you are in luck because there are many different methods you can use to keep up your concentration and study for hours.

  1. Do not study many different subjects at the same time, instead prioritize the most important one. Make a schedule for what you need to study the most and what can wait a few days. This will help you concentrate better on that main subject instead of having your focus spread out on many different ones. Having your focus on many different subjects at the same time will also increase your stress levels which will decrease your productivity whiles studying. 
  1. Instead of studying nonstop for hours on hours set up study periods that can last anywhere from fifteen minutes to ninety minutes long. Between each period take at least a ten-minute break to refresh your mind otherwise your focus will sooner or later decrease and you will not be as productive. Recommended between each period is to do some sort of exercise to increase the energy in your body before the next study period. 
  1. Minimize distractions while studying. Regularly getting interrupted whiles studying will decrease your ability to concentrate for longer periods of time. Interruptions can be anything from your phone vibrating to people needing you for something less important. Recommendations are to keep your phone on silent and away from you when studying for longer periods of time. 
  1. Listen to music whiles studying can increase your focus. This method does not work for everyone but it can really help some people to concentrate better. Recommendations are to not listen to music that includes lyrics because that will most likely be more of a disturbance than a concentration helper. Examples of music that can help you concentrate better can you find at our YouTube channel.