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Increase your knowledge through free online courses

If you want to become rich you should spend as much time as possible working hard towards your end goal or learning new things. This article will focus mainly on learning new stuff and increasing your knowledge. One way you could achieve this is by reading online articles like this one or by watching YouTube videos. However a much more legitimate way would be to take a free online course on either Coursera or edX. Both of these sites have already been explored and recommended in one of our earlier articles, namely: “How to start selling chatbots“. But these websites are worth mentioning again!

The main reason you would rather want to learn from these sites are because they are more trustworthy. The courses are held through the sites by top universities and companies around the globe. A few examples are: Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, IBM, Google, Amazon and Microsoft (press any of the listed names to explore their courses on edX). In fact, edX was actually started by Harvard and MIT to increase the access to high-quality education for everyone.

Both edX and Coursera offers free online courses and for a small fee you can get a digital certificate to showcase your knowledge to the world! It looks great on your LinkedIn profile or CV. A certificate makes you stand out from the crowd and shows that you are interested and are willing to work and learn outside of what is necessary. So next time you are mindlessly scrolling through social media, close your phone, head over to edX or Coursera and find and start a course that you find interesting. Your path to unlimited learning starts here, today.