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Investing in small games as a YouTuber: Interview

There are many people who have their own YouTube channel where they upload videos of them playing games. How can you use your following to invest in small games without having to spend any money? In this article we aim to answer that question and open your mind to another type of investing by interviewing WoodCollector.

Who is the YouTuber WoodCollector?

“I am a 18 year old high-school student who uploads videos and publishes other works on my website on my spare time. My channel on YouTube is relatively small and it has about 2,400 subscribers. Usually my videos were about a game known as Growtopia, but I have recently shifted focus to a somewhat similar game known as Pixel Planet that is currently in development.”

Why did you chose to invest in Pixel Planet?

“I chose to switch the content on my channel from Growtopai to Pixel Planet for several reasons. For one, I did not enjoy playing Growtopia anymore, but more importantly I truly believe that Pixel Planet can become a big success. Right now the community is relatively small, with around 3,600 members in their Discord server. Since it is currently in such an early stage they need all the help with marketing that they can get so even though I only had about 2,000 subsribers I was offered to become a Partnered Creator. This is very important as I am now officially part of marketing the game to more people. I believe that this was a great opportunity since my channel and the game are now connected, and as one of them grows, the other one will too. It is a win-win situation where the game gets more players when I grow my channel, and I get more subscribers as the game gets more players. As I said I truly believe that this game could become big, which means that I could drastically improve my subscriber count.”

What tips do you have for other YouTubers?

“If you are a small creator who is looking to grow your channel, consider looking for small projects that have potential to become massive. It does not only have to be games. Try to partner with the people in charge and you will have some powerful friends once the project takes off.”

Last words

We thank WoodCollector for kindly letting us interview him for this article. We hope that you learned something new and that this article made you think about other ways to invest other than with money. If this article did not fall in your taste, consider reading any of our other articles in the Ideas category.