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Article image of a cup of coffee containing caffeine

Why you should not drink caffeine before bed

Drinking caffeine before going to bed might not be such a great idea. In this article we discuss how caffeine works and the negative impact it could have on your sleep.

How caffeine works

The main factor that makes us feel tired is the adenosine levels in our bodies. The higher the level of adenosine is, the more tired we feel. The only way to lower your levels of adenosine is to actually sleep. Adenosine affects your brain by latching on to the neural receptors which will make you feel tired. However, caffeine molecules are also able to latch on to the exact same neural receptors as the adenosine. When this happens the caffeine stops the adenosine from attaching to the neural receptors and thus prevents you from feeling tired. 

The major con with caffeine

The problem with caffeine is that even if it blocks the adenosine from latching on to the neural receptors it does not make it disappear. In fact, whiles the caffeine is blocking the way the volume of adenosine will just increasing. The caffeine will stay attached to the neural receptors for about six hours before your body starts to break down the caffeine. When this happens (normally around six hours after drinking caffeine) your brain receptors will free up again thus making it possible for the adenosine to latch on. Because the volume of adenosine is much greater than it normally is almost all neural brian receptors will be connected to the adenosine. This will make you extremely tired and a lot less efficient in what you are doing. 

Recommendations are to not drink any sort of caffeine a few hours before going to bed because it will make it extra hard to fall asleep and it will also make you feel extremely tired and sleepy when waking up in the morning which will lead to you being less efficient in your work. However, drinking caffeine in the morning or during the day will most likely make you feel more awake and can also improve your concentration and productivity.